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Though not always visible, a brain injury can have a devastating impact on a person’s life. A serious brain injury can fundamentally and permanently alter how you live your life. It can cause physical disability, cognitive or memory impairments, or emotional and mental health issues. Making as full a recovery as possible from a brain injury can take months or even years.

When someone else’s negligence or fault caused your brain injury, you should not have to bear the financial consequences. A New York personal injury lawyer from Harris Keenan & Goldfarb can help you demand accountability from those responsible for your injury.

Since 1996, the attorneys of Harris Keenan & Goldfarb have dedicated themselves to standing up for the rights of clients who have sustained life-altering injuries in an accident or due to another party’s negligence. 

Our seasoned legal team knows what it takes to deal with negligent parties and insurance companies to get you the compensation you need for your accident-related expenses.

When you are going through the difficult process of recovering from a brain injury, you can expect our attorneys to treat you with the compassion and respect you deserve. Our attorneys will do whatever it takes to see that you obtain financial recovery and justice. When we go to the negotiating table or trial, we are prepared to fight for a maximum settlement or verdict for you.

If you have suffered a brain injury in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, reach out to Harris Keenan & Goldfarb for a free initial case review. A personal injury lawyer from our legal team can review your legal options for pursuing financial recovery from those responsible for your brain injury. Our firm represents clients in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and New York state and federal courts.

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New York Brain Injury Attorney

Why Choose Harris Keenan & Goldfarb after Sustaining a Brain Injury in an Accident?

If you have sustained a brain injury in an accident that was someone else’s fault, you deserve to pursue a legal claim that can provide you with financial compensation. Experienced legal representation can give you the best chance at recovering maximum compensation for your medical expenses, lost income, and reduced quality of life. Choosing the right attorney or firm can make a difference in the outcome of your case. 

Our attorneys can provide you with the legal advocacy and service that you deserve because of:

Our legal team’s experience

We have a combined 80-plus years of experience representing clients. Our knowledge and skills allow us to offer you various legal options and solutions tailored toward getting results that serve your interests.

Our firm’s track record of success

We have recovered more than half a billion dollars in compensation for our clients over the decades. Our firm also regularly represents clients in trials that make annual lists of the top New York verdicts.

Our reputation for excellence and ethics

We offer you dedicated, thorough representation from your initial consultation with us all the way through a settlement or verdict in your case.

Our dedication to obtaining the best possible results for you

We will work vigorously to obtain a favorable result in your case as quickly as possible so that you can get on with your life after suffering the debilitating effects of a brain injury.

Symptoms of Brain Injuries

The symptoms of a brain injury can vary, but the types of potential symptoms and their severity will usually depend on how serious the injury is. For example, mild brain injuries like concussions will cause less severe symptoms. These include headaches, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, fatigue or drowsiness. You may also experience blurred vision and ringing in the ears, sensitivity to light or sound, mild confusion or disorientation, brief loss of consciousness, and changes to sleeping patterns.

However, moderate to severe brain injuries can have more serious, potentially life-threatening symptoms, such as:

Recovering from a Brain Injury

Mild brain injuries normally only require rest and over-the-counter pain medication for headaches. Even so, someone who has been diagnosed with a mild brain injury should be monitored in the days following the injury for signs of persistent or worsening symptoms that may indicate a much more severe brain injury.

Moderate to severe brain injuries

However, moderate to severe brain injuries will require immediate medical attention. Emergency care will be focused on preventing further injury to the brain, head, or neck by stabilizing the area and ensuring sufficient blood and oxygen flow to the brain. Medications may be used to reduce swelling or prevent seizures, while surgery may be performed to repair damage and relieve pressure on the brain from fluid buildup or swelling. 

After a moderate or severe brain injury has stabilized, a patient may likely need rehabilitative services to relearn skills such as movement, reading/writing, or speaking, with the goal of enabling the patient to resume an independent and productive life. But brain injuries can leave individuals with long-term or permanent complications, such as:

New York Brain Injury Lawyer

What Compensation Can You Receive for a Brain Injury Suffered in an Accident?

If you suffered a brain injury in an accident or because of somebody else’s negligence, you deserve to seek compensation for ongoing and future expenses and needs that you may have. A personal injury lawyer from Harris Keenan & Goldfarb will work diligently to get you financial recovery for:

Medical and rehabilitation expenses

Costs of long-term care if you’ve suffered permanent disability or impairment, including money for home health services, home renovations, or moving to an assisted living facility

Loss of wages or income if you miss time from work to recover from your brain injury

Loss of future earning capacity if you become permanently disabled from returning to gainful employment

Pain and suffering

Loss of quality of life due to physical impairments affecting your daily living or due to a reduction in your life expectancy because of your injury

Accidents That Can Cause Brain Injuries

The personal injury lawyers of Harris Keenan & Goldfarb can help you get the financial resources you need to recover from a serious brain injury that you may have suffered because of:

In addition, brain injuries can result from events involving medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, or police brutality.

How a Lawyer Can Help You Pursue a
Claim for Compensation

If you have suffered a life-altering brain injury, a personal injury attorney from Harris Keenan & Goldfarb can advocate to recover compensation from those at fault for causing your injury. Let our firm handle all the details of preparing and pursuing your legal case, including:

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions that our clients have about brain injury claims include:

At Harris Keenan & Goldfarb, our New York personal injury lawyers represent victims of brain injuries in accident claims on a contingency-fee basis. That means you do not need to pay upfront legal fees to hire us for your case. Our firm is paid only when we recover compensation for you by negotiating a settlement of your claims or by filing a lawsuit on your behalf and winning your case at trial. You won’t have to worry about the cost of a lawyer while you are incurring medical expenses to treat your injury and dealing with the loss of income if you cannot work. 

In New York, the statute of limitations governs the deadline for when you must file a lawsuit to pursue compensation for a brain injury. In most cases, you have three years from the date of your injury to file suit, although brain injury claims arising from medical negligence must be filed in court within two and a half years of the date that the negligent treatment took place or when a course of treatment ended. If you fail to file suit before the statute of limitations period expires on your claim, any lawsuit you ultimately file can be dismissed as untimely by the trial court. In addition, claims against state or local governments or public agencies are subject to even stricter notice deadlines. To ensure that your claim is timely filed, you should talk to a brain injury lawyer from Harris Keenan & Goldfarb as soon as possible. 

Although you are not required to hire an attorney to pursue a settlement with a negligent party responsible for your injury or with an insurance company, you should have one. Having an experienced personal injury attorney from Harris Keenan & Goldfarb look out for your rights and fight on your behalf can improve your chances of maximizing your financial recovery. An attorney can review any settlement offers that you receive and evaluate, based on your injuries and the facts of your case, whether the offer provides fair compensation for your claim. An attorney can also negotiate on your behalf to pursue better settlement offers for full financial recovery for you. 

While most injury claims are settled before trial, no one can accurately predict at the start of a case whether it will go to trial. Factors that may affect the likelihood of needing to go to trial in your brain injury claim include: 

  • The severity of your injury 
  • Whether you have sustained permanent impairment or disability 
  • The extent of your expenses and losses 
  • Whether the party or parties that you are seeking compensation from dispute their liability or share of fault for your injuries and losses

At Harris Keenan & Goldfarb, we work hard to quickly resolve your case but will always honestly advise you when we think going to court or to trial will give you the best chance at securing maximum compensation. 

Contact Us for Help When an Accident That Wasn’t Your Fault Caused Your Brain Injury

A brain injury can have long-lasting impacts on your life. Don’t wait to get started with your legal case. Call Harris Keenan & Goldfarb at 800-724-6529 today for a no-obligation consultation. You can speak with a New York brain injury lawyer about how our firm can provide the experienced, compassionate guidance you need as you pursue financial recovery and justice from those at fault for your brain injury. You can also fill out our intake form and a member of our team will call you.


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