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New York City Loss of Limb Lawyer

Few injuries compare with losing one or more limbs in an accident. These injuries cause intense pain and permanently impact someone’s quality of life, including their ability to move and care for themselves. And when someone loses a limb due to another person’s careless actions, they deserve compensation.

The New York loss of limb lawyers at Harris Keenan & Goldfarb can protect your rights and guide you through securing fair compensation for your injury. Since 1996, our New York City personal injury attorneys have fought for people like you and recovered more than $500 million in compensation. With our driven and experienced team at your side, you can relax and focus on your medical treatments while we handle all the legal work. Call 800-724-6529 today or complete our contact form for a free case review.

What Accidents Cause Loss-of-Limb Injuries?

Unfortunately, there are many ways someone could lose a limb in a New York accident. Some of the most common reasons people lose their limbs in New York include:

  • Vehicle Collisions: There are dozens of car accidents on New York streets daily. These collisions, especially at high speeds, can cause grave injuries, including limb loss.
  • Construction Site Accidents: Falls, machinery malfunctions, or workers becoming trapped between heavy objects can result in severe limb injuries.
  • Pedestrian Accidents: New York’s busy sidewalks and intersections mean that pedestrians often face a severe risk of injury. Pedestrians can suffer severe health consequences if a bus, truck, car, or even a bicycle hits them.
  • Factory & Machinery Mishaps: When employers or workers do not operate industrial machinery safely or do not properly maintain equipment, their actions can easily lead to crushed or severed limbs.
  • Medical Malpractice: While healthcare professionals generally aim to help, there are unfortunate instances where mistakes or negligence can cause complications leading to amputations.
  • Explosions & Fires: Explosive incidents, whether from faulty gas lines or other causes, can have severe repercussions. The blast itself or subsequent injuries can make amputations medically necessary.

Liability for Loss-of-Limb Injuries in New York

There are two primary ways someone could lose a limb due to the actions of another: Physical trauma and medical malpractice. Which party is liable in these cases depends on how the injury occurred and who caused it.

Liability in Non-Medical Situations

For accidents on the road, the fault may lie with a careless driver or, in cases involving commercial vehicles, their employer. In New York, employers might be liable for workplace accidents, especially if the injury occurred on scaffolding or due to a lack of proper safety precautions. Additionally, if a defective product or machinery is involved, the manufacturers might be liable. Government entities might bear responsibility if, for instance, a poorly maintained public space or faulty infrastructure leads to a loss-of-limb injury.

Liability in Medical Malpractice Resulting in Limb Loss

Where medical malpractice is at issue, the immediate assumption is that a healthcare professional made a critical error. However, liability can extend beyond individuals. A hospital or other medical facility might be culpable if inadequate policies, training, or systemic issues contributed to the error. On the other hand, pharmaceutical companies or medical device manufacturers could be at fault if their products were issued without appropriate warnings and directly caused or exacerbated an injury that results in limb loss.

Compensation for Losing a Limb in New York

The aftermath of losing a limb goes far beyond the immediate medical and emotional turmoil. In many cases, these injuries have significant financial implications for injured parties and their families. Understanding the options for recovering compensation can help victims determine their next steps. Here’s a brief overview:

  • General Liability Claims: This broad category encompasses personal injury, medical malpractice, and product liability claims. Victims can file a lawsuit against the responsible party, be it another individual, a medical professional, or a product manufacturer. Such claims can cover medical expenses, future treatment costs, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other related damages.
  • Workers’ Compensation: For injuries sustained on the job or due to work-related activities, workers’ compensation offers coverage for medical bills, rehabilitation, and a portion of lost wages.
  • Social Security Disability Benefits: Limb loss might qualify an individual for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), a federal initiative designed for those unable to work due to a disability.

How Our NYC Loss of Limb Attorneys Can Help

After an injury as profound as losing a limb, figuring out your next steps is daunting. A personal injury attorney, especially one familiar with New York’s specific laws and nuances, is a valuable ally in these circumstances. Here’s how our firm can help you after such a devastating loss:

Evaluating Your Case

Our experienced attorneys can determine the merit of your claim, the possible parties at fault, and the potential compensation you might recover. They’ll assess evidence, consult expert witnesses, and outline the best legal strategy for your situation.

Handling the Legal Complexities

New York’s personal injury laws can be intricate, with various statutes of limitations, liability rules, and regulations that must be observed. Our lawyers can handle these complex procedures for you, ensuring all necessary documents are filed on time and your rights are vigorously defended.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies

Insurers often aim to minimize their payouts. An attorney can push back against lowball offers, leveraging their knowledge and experience to negotiate a fair settlement that accurately reflects the gravity of your injuries.


If the liable parties or their insurers won’t agree to a fair settlement, we are prepared to take your case to trial. Our extensive trial experience will be instrumental in presenting your case persuasively, cross-examining witnesses, and advocating for your rightful compensation before a jury.

Estimating Comprehensive Damages

Beyond your immediate medical costs, any compensation you receive should include money for future treatments, therapies, prosthetics, lost wages, and intangible losses like pain and suffering. Our lawyers can provide a holistic evaluation, ensuring no aspect of your injury and loss is overlooked.

Having the right legal advocate can make all the difference in life-altering limb loss. At Harris Keenan & Goldfarb, we take pride in not just representing our clients but standing beside them every step of the way. Call our office today at 800-724-6529 or reach out online for a complimentary case evaluation.