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Taking Pictures After an AccidentNo one wants to think about getting into a car accident, but the reality is that accidents happen every day. If you’re ever in a serious accident, it’s important to know what to do in the aftermath. One crucial step is to document the scene by taking photos, which can serve as valuable evidence as you pursue compensation from that at-fault driver. In this article, the New York car accident attorneys with Harris Keenan & Goldfarb explain why taking pictures after an accident is essential and provide tips for taking them.

Why Taking Pictures After an Accident Is Important

Taking pictures after a car accident is essential for several reasons:

  • Photos provide documentation of the accident – Photos can provide a clear and accurate record of what happened. They can show the damage to vehicles, the position of the vehicles on the road, and other details that help explain what happened and what may have led up to it.
  • Photos help with insurance claims – Insurance companies rely on photos to assess the damage and determine who is at fault. Having detailed photos can speed up the claims process and increase the value of your settlement.
  • Photos can serve as evidence in legal proceedings – If the insurance company denies your claim and you need to take legal action after an accident, your attorney can present your photos as evidence in court. They can help show the extent of the damage, the severity of your injuries, and other important details that may be relevant to the case.

Tips for Taking Car Accident Scene Photos

Now that you understand why taking photos after an accident is important, let’s review some tips for taking car accident scene photos.

Safety Considerations

Before you start taking photos, it’s vital to ensure your safety and the safety of others at the scene. Here are some safety considerations to keep in mind:

  • Move your vehicle to a safe location – If your car is still drivable, move it out of the roadway. If not, try to stay inside your vehicle until emergency responders arrive.
  • Stay away from traffic – If you need to get out of your vehicle, stay away from traffic as much as possible. Stand on the sidewalk or off to the side of the road.
  • Watch out for hazards – Look out for any other potential injury risks, such as broken glass or debris from the accident.

Only when the scene is secure should you begin documenting the accident. Do not attempt to take photographs before it is safe to do so.

What to Photograph

Once the accident scene is safe, here are the things you should try to photograph:

  • Damage to vehicles – Take photos of the damage to all vehicles involved in the accident from multiple angles.
  • Road conditions – Take photos of the road where the accident occurred, such as any potholes or other road hazards that may have contributed to the crash.
  • Weather conditions –Photos can show whether weather conditions played a role in the crash.
  • Street signs and signals – Take photos of any signs or signals relevant to the accident, such as stop signs or traffic lights the other driver may have run.
  • Skid marks and debris – Take photos of anything the vehicles left on the road, which may help determine how the accident occurred.
  • Injuries you or your passengers sustained – If anyone was injured in the accident, take photos of their injuries if possible.

How to Take the Photos

How to Take Photos at the Scene of an AccidentHere are some tips to keep in mind as you take photographs of the scene:

  • Take multiple photos from different angles – This will help document the entire scene and provide more evidence about the true extent of the damage and how it may have occurred.
  • Capture close-ups of important details – Get close to any crucial details, such as the vehicle damage or your injuries. Your camera will have a higher resolution if you don’t use its zoom function.
  • Use natural light if possible – Ambient light will help establish the conditions at the scene. If it’s too dark to do so, use your flash.

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