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Dmitriy Nam
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Dmitriy Nam

Attorney Dmitriy NamDmitriy joined our firm on June 23, 2023, enriching our legal team with his nuanced understanding of medical malpractice law, a field that perfectly melds his early interests in medicine and law. Dmitriy’s spark for legal practice was ignited during his high school years, which later guided him towards a robust academic endeavor.

He embarked on his legal education at Karaganda State University Law School in Kazakhstan, where he graduated with honors in 2001, earning his LL.B. This achievement was remarkable considering that in Kazakhstan, a bachelor’s degree in law suffices for practicing law. A desire for a deeper comprehension of law and an international perspective led Dmitriy to further his studies at Brooklyn Law School, where he graduated in 2015.

Choosing to specialize in medical malpractice law allowed Dmitriy to marry his early intrigue in medicine with his legal prowess. His ability to navigate this complex field of law has made a significant impact in our firm, showcasing an adeptness at dissecting medical narratives through a legal lens.

One of the hallmark successes in Dmitriy’s career so far was his recent mentorship of an employment law attorney. Despite the attorney’s lack of experience in handling negligence cases, under Dmitriy’s guidance, the case saw a favorable resolution as the adversary tendered the entire policy within a mere six months. This event not only marked a professional victory but showcased Dmitriy’s collaborative spirit and his adeptness at mentoring.

Away from the formal settings of the courtroom, Dmitriy exudes an appreciable level of pride and involvement in his community. He volunteers as an assistant instructor in his 6-year-old daughter’s judo class, a gesture that recently saw her earn a yellow-stripe belt. This accomplishment, albeit personal, is one Dmitriy holds in high regard, underlining his values of community engagement and personal development.

Dmitriy is an active member of the New York State Academy of Trial Lawyers, reflecting his commitment to continual professional growth and his connection to the legal community in New York.

In his leisure, Dmitriy enjoys the invigorating rush of rollerblading and practicing judo. These activities not only keep him physically agile but resonate with his approach towards his profession – a blend of strategy, balance, and forward momentum.

Dmitriy’s tenure at our firm, although brief at the moment, radiates promise. His exceptional grasp of medical malpractice law, combined with his collaborative spirit and commitment to community engagement, positions him as a valuable asset to our firm and the clients we serve.


  • 2001 – Karaganda State University Law School (LL.B.)
  • 2015 – Brooklyn Law School


  • New York State Bar


  • New York State Academy of Trial Lawyer

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