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Prety Chumber

Attorney Prety ChumberPrety Chumber joined our esteemed firm on May 8, 2023, fulfilling a lifelong aspiration to advocate for individuals navigating personal injury challenges. Her inclination towards law was innate, a path she embarked upon with unwavering dedication from a young age.

Prety’s academic journey commenced at Saint Sebastian Catholic Academy in Woodside, NY, and progressed through St. John’s Preparatory School in Astoria, NY, where she was honored as a first honors student throughout her four-year tenure. The foundational knowledge acquired during these formative years acted as a springboard towards her legal education.

With a determined spirit, Prety pursued her Juris Doctorate, which she accomplished in 2017. Her active involvement in the debate team honed her argumentative skills and showcased her analytical acumen—qualities that have served her and her clients well in the courtroom.

The seeds of Prety’s specialization in personal injury law were sown during her law school days, where her penchant for tort law was cultivated. The domain of personal injury law resonated with her, mirroring her desire to create a tangible positive impact in the lives of individuals facing adversities due to unforeseen mishaps.

Prety finds her professional fulfillment in the moments where she can alleviate her clients’ burdens, navigating the legal maze on their behalf to usher in a semblance of restoration in their lives. Each client’s appreciation and the consequential betterment of their situation stand as testimony to Prety’s professional competence and empathetic approach.

Aside from her legal endeavors, Prety is an active member of the Dr. BR Ambedkar Saba of New York, a religious organization that reflects her deep-rooted values and community involvement.

Her life outside the courtroom is rich with a blend of creative and familial engagements. Prety cherishes her role as a mother, and enjoys the quaint joys brought forth by knitting, stitching, and the enveloping pages of a good book. Her love for travel further expands her horizon, instilling in her a broader perspective, which she adeptly integrates into her legal practice.

Prety’s journey, underscored by a blend of professional dedication and personal warmth, enriches the fabric of our firm, making her not just an attorney but a confidante to her clients and a cherished colleague within our legal fraternity.


2017 – Juris Doctorate


Dr. BR Ambedkar Saba of New York

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